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23 November 2017
How online study can help you follow your calling

Find out how Deakin graduate Rebecca Scott used online learning to get the knowledge she needed to follow her dreams of working in social change.

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17 November 2017
Pay vs. culture: choosing a future employer

A good work culture is vital to career longevity. Finding a job with a great work culture is just as important as finding the right pay.

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Marija Pericic Think Young behind the scenes

17 November 2017
How following your creative passion can pay off

Ever dream of giving up the grind to follow your passion? Marija Pericic wanted to be an author, so she we went ahead and gave it her best.

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26 October 2017
What to do when your interests change

Adam Gaylard vowed to never set foot in a school again after leaving in year 10 to become a painter and decorator. But over time, his interests changed.

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business analyst graphs on computer

26 October 2017
What it’s really like to be a business analyst

Frank Cheng explains the role of a business analyst, the challenges and rewards involved in the work, and the varied potential in career path options.

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close up of iphone being held by man

22 October 2017
Does censoring yourself on social media help your job chances?

Dr Kia Kashi discusses how censoring yourself on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can help your job chances.

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A protest with placards

15 September 2017
How to learn from PR disasters

It is possible to learn from the mistakes of others and use a number of organisational tools to protect against bad PR.

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Woman using a weight in the gym

25 August 2017
What’s it really like to be a clinical exercise physiologist?

Exercise physiologists specialise in exercise and movement for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries.

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17 August 2017
Four reasons why you should study history

If you are intrigued by our past and want to learn how it will shape our future, you should consider studying the multifaceted discipline that is history.

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A forensic scientist analysing a blood sample.

15 August 2017
How DNA analysis has revolutionised criminal justice

Learn more about the evolution of DNA analysis, the role of DNA in solving cold cases and what’s next in DNA analysis technology.

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