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Livinia Nixon

20 June 2017
Livinia Nixon’s career confessions

How did Deakin graduate Livinia Nixon create a successful 20-year television career? She tells us about the ups and downs on the way to the top.

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Desk in shadow

30 May 2017
How to recover from losing your job

Losing your job can be challenging, but it can have its benefits. Find out how to recover from job loss and find a new role.

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23 May 2017
How to get paid to travel the world

Want to get paid to travel? Meet some people with careers that take them around the world.

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A construction site, with helmets hanging on hooks inside.

18 May 2017
What’s it really like to be a construction manager?

A construction manager oversees and leads a range of building projects from beginning to end. But what does it take to succeed in this high-pressure job?

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02 May 2017
How to make a career leap and land it

Thinking about making a career change? Read this first. Three successful individuals share their lessons gained through following their passions.

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27 April 2017
The skills you need to land a job of the future

Deakin University and the Foundation for Young Australians analyse what the future of work means for today’s young jobseekers.

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Earth at night, taken from space.


27 April 2017
Four reasons why you should study geography

Geographers are integral to finding solutions to global issues like climate change, urban over-development and natural disasters. Learn more.

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Work colleagues high five

24 April 2017
Which new job cluster best suits you? Take the quiz.

Identify your skills, interests and strengths, and see how they align with the jobs of the future.

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Upward view of city buildings.

24 March 2017
What’s it really like to be an accountant?

Think you need to be a superstar at maths to be a good accountant? Think again.

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Generation Z girl

23 March 2017
Career predictions for Generation Z

Generation Z will enter the workforce at an exciting time. Find out what the future has in store.

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