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17 August 2017
Four reasons why you should study history

If you are intrigued by our past and want to learn how it will shape our future, you should consider studying the multifaceted discipline that is history.

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A forensic scientist analysing a blood sample.

15 August 2017
How DNA analysis has revolutionised criminal justice

Learn more about the evolution of DNA analysis, the role of DNA in solving cold cases and what’s next in DNA analysis technology.

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02 August 2017
Interview tips to help you land a new role

Want to perform better than the competition in a job interview? Read these tips.

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28 July 2017
The future of footy: rehab and recovery

Watch as ESPN delves into the future of sport and looks at how rehabilitation and recovery has jumped to the forefront of innovation.

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Drinking man recovering after a workout

21 July 2017
Physicality of AFL makes recovery harder

The physical demands of AFL make it one of the toughest sports in the world to recover from. The impact of the occasional shorter break between games makes recovery even more difficult.

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12 July 2017
Three industries that can earn you big bucks

Are you hoping to earn a big salary? Deakin experts tell you what it takes in three industries: consulting and strategy, IT and engineering.

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Two PR Managers talking and laughing

12 July 2017
What’s it really like to be a Public Relations Manager?

There’s more to being a successful PR Manager than hyping celebrities, parties and living the high life. Although, that could definitely be part of the job description. Stacey Oates, PR Manager for the Geelong Cats tells us what it’s really like to help people and organisations connect with their audiences.

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29 June 2017
How to pass Year 12 Psychology

Expert advice for getting the best possible VCE study score for Year 12 Psychology from Pam Barbadonis, at Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College.

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Worker at desk

20 June 2017
How to thrive at work

It’s possible to thrive at work even when you don’t love every aspect of your job. Find out how.

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Livinia Nixon

20 June 2017
Livinia Nixon’s career confessions

How did Deakin graduate Livinia Nixon create a successful 20-year television career? She tells us about the ups and downs on the way to the top.

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