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Volleyball on beach

09 January 2017
How national volleyball coach Shannon Winzer does it all

It’s not easy to manage a demanding career and a family, but Shannon Winzer makes it work. Find out how.

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Cyclists in a road race

05 January 2017
Sports agent Jason Bakker’s career confessions

Read how this sports fanatic took his love of playing sport and turned it into a successful career.

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20 December 2016
Quiz: Which career in health science suits you?

Take the health science quiz to find out what area you should work in. Do the quiz now.

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Students studying

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14 December 2016
Three students share their Change of Preference success stories

When it comes to studying at university, changing your mind can be a good thing. Hear from three students who’ve done it.

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thinking in the sun


07 December 2016
Unexpected career paths in psychological science

You don’t have to be a psychologist if you study psychological science. Explore some of the unexpected career paths here.

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Elliot Bowden Deakin scholarship

24 November 2016
From soldier to doctor – the many faces of one career

How did one student transition from working in the army to becoming a doctor? Find out here.

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24 November 2016
How engineering students embrace imagination

How engineers use creativity to solve some of the world’s most complex problems

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Students celebrate the end of VCE


16 November 2016
What to do now that you’ve finished high school

There are so many things to do after Year 12’s over. Explore some of the options here.

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Girl walking stairs

16 November 2016
What to do when your career goes stale

Everyone’s career at one stage or another gets stuck in a rut. Here’s some advice on how to get out of it.

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Turtle swimming underwater in the Maldives

11 November 2016
Meet a conservationist living the dream in the Maldives

Hear how Deakin graduate Hannah Moloney’s passion for the sea led her to a career with an underwater office.

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