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24 May 2018
Is getting a university degree even worth it?

You’re ploughing through Year 12 or out in the workforce, unsure whether you should study a degree. So do you even need to go to university?

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03 May 2018
How to set successful goals in VCE

VCE is a stressful year and setting goals is key. We chat to one of Deakin’s course directors on how to successfully set and achieve your goals in Year 12.

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26 July 2017
How to choose a career: working out who to be ‘when you grow up’

It’s the question you’re asked to answer from almost the moment you learn to talk: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ How can you choose an answer?

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05 May 2017
What is an ATAR and how is the ATAR calculated using VCE scaling?

Get the lowdown on how your ATAR is calculated based on VCE scaled study scores and use our ATAR calculator to estimate your rank.

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04 August 2016
Tips for choosing your uni preferences

Read these tips for selecting your university course preference list and (fingers crossed!) you’ll be accepting an offer in no time.

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