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Artificial intelligence

14 December 2017
How artificial intelligence is changing your life – already

Deakin’s Dr Tim Wilkin explains how Artificial Intelligence changes and improves our lives everyday, and how AI helps us in more ways than we imagine.

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04 December 2017
Amazon in Australia: five questions shoppers are asking

With Amazon’s recent launch in Australia, Deakin’s Dr Alvin Lee, Lecturer in Marketing, explains how Amazon’s Australian presence will benefit the consumer.

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vc jane den hollander think young behind the scenes

03 December 2017
The role of risk-taking in successful leadership

Deakin’s Vice Chancellor Professor Jane den Hollander AO shares how thinking courageously and risk-taking go hand in hand to achieve great things.

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29 November 2017
Do lawyers need to start thinking differently?

Deakin law lecturer Dr Claudio Bozzi explains the importance of fostering an innovative mindset within his students to adapt to technological changes.

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Drone delivery may soon be the way we receive goods.

28 November 2017
Will Amazon bring us drone delivery for Christmas?

With Christmas around the corner, and Amazon soon arriving on our shores, will kids be watching the sky for drones rather than reindeer this Christmas Eve?

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Building and sunshine

13 October 2017
How sustainable building design can lower energy costs

A Deakin initiative is looking at ways that architecture, engineering and technology can combine to create innovative sustainable building concepts.

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Chess board with fallen pieces

17 August 2017
Man vs Machine: the rise of artificial intelligence

Twenty years ago a human beating supercomputer made us question our own intelligence. Have we secretly been displaced as the dominant species by AI?

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iPhone photo of food

07 August 2017
How Amazon is tapping into on-demand culture

Amazon in Australia: will retailers be able to compete with on-demand services? Deakin University’s expert has the answers

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27 July 2017
Your house could soon be smarter than you

New technology from Deakin University will change the way we live. Find out more.

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Black sports car

21 July 2017
Bringing affordable carbon fibre to the masses

Breakthrough Deakin technology will enable carbon fibre to be produced at much lower cost, making superior quality products more accessible to consumers.

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