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audience at concert holding up smartphones


05 November 2018
Banning smartphones: when should we put our devices away?

As our mobile phone usage increases, so does the impact on our lives. Many organisations are banning smartphones outright – is this the right move?

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robot and computer on desk


05 October 2018
Can computers claim creativity over humans at work?

As artificial intelligence moves into the workforce a probing question arises: will it soon be able to replicate human creativity? Here we tackle the topic.

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10 August 2018
How brain–computer interface is merging mind and machine

The futuristic dream of controlling technology with your mind is getting closer to reality. Learn how rapid developments in BCI are changing our world.

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woman at computer wearing fashion jacket


28 June 2018
Fashion forward: how technology will change the clothes we wear

There’s no denying that technology will continue to transform not only the way in which we buy our clothes, but the type of garments we buy.

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Beautiful food overlay


22 June 2018
How 3D printed food is saving lives
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hands reading newspaper


15 June 2018
Can journalism survive the digital revolution?

As media leaders struggle to find a business model to support journalism, new opportunities have emerged for those with strong communication skills.

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bulldog sniffing treats on office desk


08 June 2018
Work like a dog: the pros and cons of bringing pets to work

Over recent years we have seen the emergence and increasing popularity of ‘bring your pet to work’ days. So what are the pros and cons?

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remote control pointing to TV


05 June 2018
Is Netflix shrinking Australia’s film and television industry?

With the rise of global TV formats, we need to understand how the TV programming and film production industries are changing. Dr Toija Cinque discusses.

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Seaweed on the shore and in the ocean


01 June 2018
Watch: how seaweed can save the planet

Emerging research is showing that seaweed has the potential to battle some of our planet’s biggest issues. Watch to find out more.

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Robot playing piano


15 May 2018
Surprising jobs for robots that will change our lives

As robotics technology becomes more and more advanced, what sort of jobs will they be doing that will change the way we live?

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