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Chess board with fallen pieces

17 August 2017
Man vs Machine: the rise of artificial intelligence

Twenty years ago a human beating supercomputer made us question our own intelligence. Have we secretly been displaced as the dominant species by AI?

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iPhone photo of food

07 August 2017
How Amazon is tapping into on-demand culture

Amazon in Australia: will retailers be able to compete with on-demand services? Deakin University’s expert has the answers

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27 July 2017
Your house could soon be smarter than you

New technology from Deakin University will change the way we live. Find out more.

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Black sports car

21 July 2017
Bringing affordable carbon fibre to the masses

Breakthrough Deakin technology will enable carbon fibre to be produced at much lower cost, making superior quality products more accessible to consumers.

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Deakin University high voltage lab

20 July 2017
How Australia leads the high voltage charge

The world’s biggest battery is coming to South Australia thanks to Elon Musk. Find out how high voltage power will change our energy supply in the future.

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a chain fence with lights behind it.

10 July 2017
Algorithms – digital detectives in the fight against terrorism

Cyber security is taking counter-terrorism efforts to new levels, with algorithmic solutions identifying potential threats before attacks happen.

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White car

05 July 2017
How Uber drove us to reconsider car ownership

Uber has changed the way we view car ownership. Find out how our expert thinks we will get around in the future.

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Tasmanian Devil

29 June 2017
What can Tasmanian devils teach us about cancer?

An isolated colony of Tasmanian devils appear to be overcoming cancer and saving themselves from the threat of extinction. New research by Dr Beata Ujvari.

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Gun on grass

17 May 2017
Will 3D printed weapons be life threatening?

People are using 3D printers to produce weapons. Should we be scared?

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28 April 2017
Are cyborgs our next evolutionary step?

What are cyborgs? Read about humanity’s next evolutionary step.

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