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28 March 2017
How tea bags are set to help the environment

The TeaComposition H2O project at Deakin University’s Blue Carbon Lab is utilising Lipton tea bags to determine the capacity of wetlands to store carbon.

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07 March 2017
Is the future of scientific research female?

Meet three female researchers leading multidisciplinary, multicultural and mixed gender teams in scientific fields traditionally dominated by men.

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27 February 2017
Self-lacing shoes: the start of our automated lives?

What does increasing automation in our lives mean for our future? Explore the possibilities here.

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01 February 2017
Three trends changing 2017 and beyond

From technological innovation to cultural change, here’s some trends that are set to change our lives.

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Lithium batteries

30 January 2017
Meet the batteries powering tomorrow

As the lithium used in our phone and laptop batteries is a finite natural resource, what’s being done now to prepare for a post-lithium world?

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23 January 2017
Step back to prehistoric times with VR technology

Read how a new VR experience will show people what life was like in Victoria’s Otways more than 100 million years ago.

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man using VR equipment

30 November 2016
How VR is changing our perception of dementia

Researchers have developed an app and accompanying VR experience that will allow carers to gain a unique insight into what it’s like to live with dementia.

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iPhone and pencils

29 November 2016
How innovation is disrupting the classroom

Find out how teachers are learning to teach a new tech-savvy generation.

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futuristic hallway

28 November 2016
Would you cryonically preserve your body after death?

Cryonic body preservation could be coming to Australia. Would you freeze your body to come back to life after death?

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27 October 2016
Finding energy for a greener tomorrow, today

How an amazing cave discovery by one Deakin student may lead to a greener and cleaner world.

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