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headphones in grass

15 August 2016
How headphones will change the way we listen to music

Technology is transforming our experience of sound. Find out how

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Pokemon Go iPhone

15 July 2016
How Pokemon Go is transforming gaming

Why Pokemon Go is an incredible test case for future developers – in gaming and beyond.

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girl in motion capture suit

07 July 2016
Creating cutting-edge special effects for film and TV

Want a career making special effects for shows like Game of Thrones? Find out how Peter Divers landed such a gig.

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Lightbulb in garden

30 June 2016
How batteries will change the way we use power in the future

New research into batteries will change the way we power our lives. Find out how.

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robotic arm in lab

31 May 2016
Three tech innovations that will save lives

Think Uber and Snapchat have had a huge impact on our lives? When it comes to incredible tech innovations, we have only just started to scratch the surface.

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Bright lights of fast travel

21 April 2016
Are we getting closer to travelling at the speed of sound?

Will you travel by Hyperloop in the near future? Find out if it’s possible here.

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Coral in water off the coast of Cape Otway.

18 April 2016
What we can learn from seabed mapping

Hear from Deakin University’s Dr Daniel Ierodiaconou about the importance of deep sea mapping and how it will help us plan for a more sustainable future.

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Outdoor desk with ipad, smart phone, note book etc

15 April 2016
Seven things every great website needs

Find out some basic elements a website needs to hit the mark and reach business goals.

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Girl in white dress

30 March 2016
This is what’s next in wearable tech

Want a career in wearable tech? Find out more about some of the industries at the forefront.

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Mosquito on a green leaf

08 March 2016
Will we ever eradicate infectious diseases?

Why do infections diseases like Zika virus spread? The team at the Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases has the answers.

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