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Mosquito on a green leaf

08 March 2016
Will we ever eradicate infectious diseases?

Why do infections diseases like Zika virus spread? The team at the Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases has the answers.

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crowd of people

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08 March 2016
The importance of gender diversity in STEM

Although women dominate ‘pink collar’ industries such as teaching and healthcare, they are often few and far between when it comes to STEM.

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pink and blue coloured pills

01 March 2016
Unconventional treatments for mental illness

Researchers are always looking for new ways to treat mental illness, but these unconventional methods might surprise you.

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24 February 2016
A slick solution to oil spills

Find out about the newly-discovered material being described as the most exciting advancement in oil spill clean-up technology in decades.

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Virtual Reality

15 January 2016
Virtual reality: games

Explore two sides to the technological implications of virtual reality – including how it’s applied to gaming.

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Woman using virtual reality headset

15 January 2016
Virtual reality: brains

Explore two sides to the technological implications of virtual reality – including how it’s applied in some surprising areas of education and training.

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Maggot being used to fight infection

11 January 2016
Fighting infection with an unlikely superhero

Deakin University entomologist, Natalie Gasz, discusses how medical researchers are using maggots to fight infection.

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Trees and butterflies

10 November 2015
What it’s like to discover a new insect

Deakin lecturer, Dr Anneke Veenstra, discusses what goes into discovering a new insect.

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Child using tablet

04 November 2015
The rise of child coders

Children as young as five-years-old are beginning to master game coding.

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Wind turbines

06 October 2015
Six ways to boost renewable energy use

Six ways Australia can look to boost its renewable energy use.

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