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Podcast recording equipment

31 August 2017
7 podcasts to stimulate your brain

Podcasts are easy ways to educate yourself, and get creative in your everyday life. Here, we’ve listed seven of the best podcasts that will stimulate your brain.

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Boy with smartphone

31 August 2017
How smartphones pushed a generation to breaking point

A generation’s mental health issues have spiked. Should we blame smartphones or are there other cultural issues at play? Our expert shares her thoughts.

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17 August 2017
Five ways to prevent catching the common cold

The average adult will catch the common cold two to three times per year. But what can you do to lower your chances of suffering? Here are five top tips.

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An MRI of brains

31 July 2017
Watch: What happens to your brain when you die?

What happens to our brain as we’re about to die?

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31 July 2017
Quiz: What do you know about the Melbourne property market?

Think you know the Melbourne property market? Try this quiz to find out how much you actually know.

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Nuts in bowls

26 July 2017
Sorting the diet facts from fads

Think you know what’s good for you? Our expert encourages you to think again

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Laptop, sunglasses and lollies next to pool.

14 July 2017
How to be a cyber smart traveller for your next holiday

Here are five key tips to help you stay cyber safe while travelling to ensure your blissful break doesn’t turn into the holiday from hell.

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womans hands holding half eaten donut

11 July 2017
Why you eat unhealthy food when you’re stressed

Stress influences what we eat, and what we eat can affect our mental health and our subsequent ability to handle stressful situations, says Dr Susan Torres.

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kid in autumn leaves

29 June 2017
How to make sense of your dreams

Hear from Deakin University’s Dr Melissa Weinberg about making sense of your dreams and why it’s worth paying attention to them.

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egg and tomato on toast

29 June 2017
Is it okay to skip breakfast?

Experts explain the importance of eating a healthy breakfast and what skipping breakfast may say about your lifestyle and overall health.

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