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Person meditating at a lake

15 January 2018
Does mindfulness work?

Dr Melissa Weinberg from Deakin University explores the evidence and theoretical reasons behind mindfulness and why it could be helpful for some people.

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11 January 2018
Want to be like Cadel Evans? What it takes to be an elite cyclist

What does it take to be an elite cyclist? Deakin alumnus and cycling commentator Matt Keenan provides insight into why Cadel Evans has been so successful.

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Piggy bank

09 January 2018
How to save money and take control of your finances

Deakin’s Dr Campbell Heggen has helped to devise a list of top six tips to help keep you manage your finances and save money.

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Aerial shot of regional area


05 January 2018
Regional living: why it’s getting much easier

Improvements in technology, communication and housing affordability means that regional living won’t exclude you from the advantages of big city life.

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Mother and daughter

03 January 2018
Like mother, like daughter: the teen-parent bond effect

Deakin’s Dr Jacqui Macdonald explains how the bond between teenage girls and their parents influences how they bond with their own children later in life.

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22 December 2017
Watch: The new flavour sensations
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New Year's Eve

19 December 2017
Why does New Year’s Eve often feel like a let-down?

Why do New Year’s celebrations feel like such a let-down? Deakin’s Dr Melissa Weinberg explains why our New Year’s Eve expectations never seem to be met.

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A selection of UberEats takeaway food

14 December 2017
Can you sustain a diet of only eating UberEats?

With the rise of gourmet delivery options, is it more cost effective and better for our health to live off UberEats take-away or home-cooked meals?

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A bowl of mussels

14 December 2017
Nothing fishy here: why you should eat sustainably-caught seafood

Deakin’s Professor Giovanni Turchini explains why it’s important to buy sustainably-caught seafood this Christmas when wowing guests with a Christmas feast.

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07 December 2017
Why you’ll form your best memories before you’re 30

Deakin’s Dr Stefanie Sharman discusses a phenomenon called ‘The Reminiscence Bump’, explaining why we can recall certain memories and not others.

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