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Tray of nachos

07 May 2017
Study session share plates: Healthy(ish) nachos

If you’re getting the gang together to study and you need a snack to share try these nachos, which are tasty and packed with nutritional value.

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05 May 2017
How to argue your case like a great philosopher

Robust debate is an important skill in work and life. Knowing how to argue is more than simply stating your opinion. Dr Patrick Stokes shares his tips.

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father and son eating pizza

27 April 2017
The unseen influence: how a dad’s diet can impact his kids’ health

Research has found fathers’ role modelling can influence children to eat sugary snacks, takeaway foods and sugar-sweetened drinks from a young age.

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Couple eating pizza in bed

05 April 2017
Should you still live with your parents in your 20s?

Should you live with your parents or move out when you’re at university? Our expert shares his perspective.

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Goldfish jumping from bowl

03 April 2017
How to focus for longer than a goldfish

Our digital world of distractions make it tougher to focus than ever. Our expert shares her tips for getting better at it.

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people coffee laughing

22 March 2017
Six ways to increase your influence

How do you go from barely navigating people, to skillfully influencing them? Here are six ways to increase influence at work or socially.

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Tent under stars

16 March 2017
What happens to your body when you stay up all night?

Sleep does more for us than provide an excuse to snuggle up in bed. Find out what happens if you go without it.

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Autumn path

16 March 2017
Five ways to cope with change

We often seek to avoid change but it’s good for us. Find out how to embrace it.

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Purple flowers building resilience in grass near melting snow.

01 March 2017
Building resilience – are we really helping?

The key to building resilience is to cultivate environments where people can express vulnerability and be received with care.

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Healthy fruit juice

01 March 2017
Five ‘healthy eating’ myths dispelled

Our expert helps to sort the fact from the fiction when it comes to nutrition

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