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womans hands holding half eaten donut

11 July 2017
Why you eat unhealthy food when you’re stressed

Stress influences what we eat, and what we eat can affect our mental health and our subsequent ability to handle stressful situations, says Dr Susan Torres.

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kid in autumn leaves

29 June 2017
How to make sense of your dreams

Hear from Deakin University’s Dr Melissa Weinberg about making sense of your dreams and why it’s worth paying attention to them.

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egg and tomato on toast

29 June 2017
Is it okay to skip breakfast?

Experts explain the importance of eating a healthy breakfast and what skipping breakfast may say about your lifestyle and overall health.

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Girl in fur jacket

29 June 2017
Why we need to stop making assumptions about attraction

Deakin research suggests men and women make assumptions about how certain attires and behaviour might lead to a sexual encounter in social settings.

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piggy bank

29 June 2017
Spend now or save for later? How to do both

Reframe your spending habits so you can spend now and also save for later, writes Campbell Heggen, lecturer in financial planning at Deakin University.

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Australian Currency

20 June 2017
How to grow your savings without sacrificing your lifestyle

Dr Campbell Heggen explains how you could grow $5000 in savings. Using your existing savings to make smart investment decisions can go a long way.

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blueberry pie and raspberry pie

09 June 2017
Why your choices aren’t always yours to make

Armed with knowledge from psychological research, savvy companies know how to tap into our tendency for indecisiveness. Do you really control your choices?

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Couple holding hands

29 May 2017
Do age gaps in romantic relationships really matter?

Hear from Deakin University’s Associate Professor Gery Karantzas about the evolutionary psychology involved in choosing a potential partner.

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Person entering credit card details for online purchase.

28 May 2017
How cyber safe are you? Take the quiz.

Take this quiz to see how your cyber security knowledge measures up.

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two young brothers lying on bed

23 May 2017
Quantifying happiness: what does it take to be happy?

Isn’t happiness a fleeting emotion impossible to record? Well no, according to the United Nations World Happiness Report and Personal Wellbeing Index.

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