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Happy lady in a field

27 June 2016
The fascinating science of happiness explained

What does it mean to be happy, and is it worth the chase? We speak to happiness psychology expert Melissa Weinberg.

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Olympic swimmer Travis Mahoney

24 June 2016
How an Olympic swimmer prepares to race in Rio

Travis Mahoney will swim for gold at Rio. Find out how he eats, sleeps and trains in the lead up.

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pink mittens and booties

14 June 2016
Will you choose to have children?

Many women are choosing not to have children. What will you choose?

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aerial island

09 June 2016
What the world’s longest living people have in common

People who live long lives have a series of traits in common that could be the secret to increasing longevity.

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girl with red nails holding camera

08 June 2016
Four things I learned from social media fame

Teen social media star Jess Miller lost one million followers overnight. This is her story.

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Woman walking with a phone

26 May 2016
Boost your productivity with these handy apps

There are heaps of digital time-saving tools to help you increase productivity, get organised and save time.

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20 May 2016
How to eat your way to happiness

Deakin’s groundbreaking research shows that you need to eat these things to boost your mood and ward off depression.

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food on a table

16 May 2016
How portion distortion makes you overeat

Hear from a Deakin nutrition expert on what portion distortion is and why it makes you overeat.

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University students hiking in the Otways

09 May 2016
Saving tips for your dream holiday

Read key tips that will help you save and earn money as a student chasing your dream holiday

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Girl blowing confetti hearts

13 April 2016
How do you define romantic love?

Do you know the definition of romantic love? Explore this mysterious subject from a range of angles.

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