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Sparklers on New Years Eve

10 January 2017
Broken resolutions and how to fix them

New Year’s resolutions come from a desire we have to make ourselves happier and are our way of making sense of our past, says Dr Patrick Stokes.

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09 January 2017
Could your greengrocer hold the secret to happiness?

Eating more fruits and vegetables has been linked to substantial increases in people’s happiness levels.

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Christmas cards and pine cones

19 December 2016
Why you might not be feeling the joy of Christmas

Here are some reasons why it seems everyone else is into the Christmas spirit and you’re just feeling more stressed and anxious than ever.

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07 December 2016
Creative ways for millennials to enter the property market

From tiny houses to co-housing, young people are getting smart and creative in order to fulfil their dreams of home ownership.

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05 December 2016
This is how to: take a better photo with your phone

Tired of taking bad photos with your phone? Lift your selfie game with these great tips from Prof. Anne Wilson.

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Lonely girl

29 November 2016
Are you contributing to our culture of loneliness?

Some surprising factors contribute to loneliness in modern society. Find out what they are.

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23 November 2016
Car Wars
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young people walking in grass

17 November 2016
What’s the cost of living for 20-somethings?

We talk to three students about how much it really costs to live.

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Sunrise over the mountains

19 October 2016
Why inspirational quotes can do more harm than good

Happiness expert and psychologist Melissa Weinberg explains why people should think twice before sharing positive quotes on social media.

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Chocolate cake with strawberries on top

29 September 2016
Using perceptions of chocolate cake to predict weight loss

Research shows that how a person feels about chocolate cake can predict how healthy their behaviours are and how likely they are to lose weight.

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