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16 October 2018
Quiz: how good is your phobia knowledge?

Phobias cause extreme reactions of fear when a sufferer is exposed to a trigger. But do you know what those triggers are? Test your phobia knowledge here.

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Vegetables arranged aesthetically


04 October 2018
Meat-free: what would happen if everyone went vegan or vegetarian?

In a growing world where natural resources are diminishing, the search for solutions has already begun. Could it be that the world needs to go vegan?

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Old television, radio and records


01 October 2018
Quiz: were you born in the right generation?

Maybe you’re an old soul, or maybe you feel more in touch with tech than others your age – find out here which generation you should have been born in.

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AFL goals


24 September 2018
Why goal-kicking in AFL is about more than technique

AFL footballers are often criticised for their apparent inability to consistently kick winning goals. But, find out why it’s more complex than you think.

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Flinders street station


07 August 2018
Is Melbourne the tech hub of Australia?

Dreaming of a career in tech? You may want to open your eyes to the boundless emerging possibilities of the Melbourne tech industry.

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19 July 2018
Watch: Is the plastic bag ban enough?

Is the supermarket plastic bag ban enough? Dr Trevor Thornton from Deakin University, has eight more steps that supermarkets should undertake.

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Technology bringing people together


13 July 2018
Technology and relationships: have we become disconnected?

The question of whether technology connects or disconnects us is a heavily debated topic. Here, we tackle the subject head on.

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Cats players Tuohy and Dangerfield


21 June 2018
Campus Convos: How loyal footy fans influence team performance

Fan culture and engagement is a huge part of any sport enthusiast’s experience. In this video, Geelong Cats’ Zach Tuohy and Patrick Dangerfield discuss.

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20 June 2018
Are you mispronouncing these common words?

Can you really pronounce a word incorrectly? Linguistics expert and senior lecturer in education at Deakin University, Dr Hossein Shokouhi weighs in.

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15 June 2018
Can journalism survive the digital revolution?

As media leaders struggle to find a business model to support journalism, new opportunities have emerged for those with strong communication skills.

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