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16 January 2018
The fight for gender equity in STEM

Dr Emily Nicholson from Deakin University outlines her experience with gender equality issues for women in STEM, and the problems at heart.

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Aerial view of Earth from space

14 January 2018
Why the NBN is already past its used by date

Experts say compared to the rest of the world the NBN is slow and already out of date. Deakin’s Dr Lonxiang Gao explains the NBN situation in Australia.

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Marijuana plant

03 January 2018
Why can’t you get medical marijuana in Australia?

Medical marijuana in legal in Australia, but associated products are not. Deakin’s Dr Alvin Lee explains why medical marijuana is so difficult to access.

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18 December 2017
Are we allowed to say Merry Christmas anymore?
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Christmas Shopping

15 December 2017
The psychology of Christmas shopping: how marketers nudge you to buy

Deakin’s Dr Paul Harrison explains the psychological and sociological aspects behind marketing during popular holidays like Christmas.

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Tons of garbage is ending up in the ocean and forming the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

14 December 2017
Cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Academics from Deakin’s School of Life and Environmental Sciences discuss the cause and possible future solutions to combat the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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12 December 2017
Why the same sex marriage debate will never truly end
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12 December 2017
The surprising benefits of pub trivia in Melbourne

What benefits can your weekly game of pub trivia provide beyond the glory of victory? Deakin’s Mark Donehue shares his thoughts.

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30 November 2017
Pressing matters: is influencing the new public relations?
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29 November 2017
Watch: Victoria’s new euthanasia law
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