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Two girls observing chemicals

13 February 2018
Why aren’t girls studying STEM?

In a society that advocates for equal rights and a strong sense of ‘girl power’, why do Aussie girls not want to be ‘girl bosses’ in STEM too?

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Woman and man playing football

30 January 2018
Has AFLW started a powerhouse movement for women in sport?

There’s no question the AFLW successfully ignited interest for women in sport. But to what degree is this early success indicative of long-term enthusiasm?

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A girl on her phone managing cyberbullying

30 January 2018
Cyber safety: 5 ways to deal with cyberbullying

The effects of cyberbullying can be devastating. Deakin’s Prof. Matthew Warren offers advice on how to handle cyberbullying before it reaches crisis point.

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25 January 2018
Is Melbourne’s urban sprawl creating more bushfire risk?

Deakin’s Professor Don Driscoll comments on how urban planning is key to managing bushfire risk in Melbourne’s urban sprawl as the city continues to grow.

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24 January 2018
Has the Weinstein scandal changed the game on sexual harassment – finally?

The first question was would the Harvey Weinstein scandal stick? The question now is whether he’s the unwilling disruptor on gender equality?

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23 January 2018
Can you stay friends with people who have different political views?

In a world of instant judgement and seemingly endless division, is it harder to be friends with people holding opposing political views?

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Cricket at the MCG

22 January 2018
Are short attention spans behind the Big Bash success story?

Deakin’s Dr Henry Wear believes our ever-shortening attention spans have contributed to the growing popularity of the cricket Big Bash League in Australia.

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Gloved hands holding a petrie dish


16 January 2018
The fight for gender equity in STEM

Dr Emily Nicholson from Deakin University outlines her experience with gender equality issues for women in STEM, and the problems at heart.

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Aerial view of Earth from space

14 January 2018
Why the NBN is already past its use by date

Experts say compared to the rest of the world the NBN is slow and already out of date. Deakin’s Dr Lonxiang Gao explains the NBN situation in Australia.

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Marijuana plant

03 January 2018
Why can’t you get medical marijuana in Australia?

Medical marijuana in legal in Australia, but associated products are not. Deakin’s Dr Alvin Lee explains why medical marijuana is so difficult to access.

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