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30 November 2017
Pressing matters: Is influencing the new public relations?
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29 November 2017
Watch: Victoria’s new euthanasia law
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21 November 2017
Why pill testing has never been trialled in Australia

Supporters say it will save lives. Opponents say it will lead to drug legalisation. Either way, pill testing divides the community.

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20 November 2017
Could Victoria follow Norway’s lead on prisoner rehabilitation?

With a significantly less number of prisoners behind bars, Norway’s prisoner rehabilitation system proves to be a success. Can Victoria follow their lead?

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14 November 2017
Slam dunk: Ben Simmons and the rise of the NBA in Australia
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02 November 2017
Why we shouldn’t blame Chinese buyers for rising house prices

Much of the blame for Australians not being able to own their own property is falling on Chinese buyers and investors. But is this fair, or even correct?

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31 October 2017
Why does racism keep resurfacing in Australia and the US?

Professor Yin Paradies discusses the cycles of history and why unresolved issues of the past continue to resurface, often with greater tension than before.

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halloween pumpkin carving face

31 October 2017
Should we really be celebrating Halloween in Australia?

With the influx of American culture into Australian society, there are polarising opinions about the commercialisation of yet another tradition.

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30 October 2017
From Trump to Weinstein: why Hollywood matters in real life
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27 October 2017
Your expectations and housing affordability
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