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AFL player on football oval

12 January 2016
Life after AFL pack mentality

Sports expert Deakin University Professor Chris Hickey discusses the AFL football doping scandal, as 34 Essendon players are suspended.

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Child playing with hulahoop

21 December 2015
How to get Australian kids off the couch

Aussie kids are less physically active than ever before. Deakin researchers discuss the negative affects this could have on their lives and ways to fix it

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Star Wars figurine

16 December 2015
Why has Star Wars captivated us for generations?

How shrewd marketing contributed to Star Wars’ overwhelming success.

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Cricket players

30 November 2015
Australian sports stars – the next eco-warriors?

Dr Sheila Nguyen looks to form a relationship between Australian sport stars and the environment.

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Opera House

16 November 2015
What can be done to stem the tide of terror?

Counter terrorism researcher, Professor Greg Barton, advises on what work can be done to counter violent extremism.

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19 October 2015
Why do animals help each other?

An interesting insight into why animals of all shapes and sizes help each other.

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Football match

29 September 2015
What footy teaches us about society

A discussion about what happens on and off the football field and how it is a reflection of society.

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Malcolm Turnbull

22 September 2015
Leadership lessons Turnbull-style

How Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, exudes leadership.

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Elliot Castello

05 September 2015
Five ways to end violence against children

Elliot Costello, co-founder and CEO of YGAP, discusses five ways we can end violence against children.

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Melted ice cream

27 August 2015
Reversing the fast-food track to obesity

A Dubai health expert explains why rates of childhood obesity are increasing, and what can be done to stop them.

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