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Siblings laughing together

30 June 2017
As the older sibling are you more successful?

Does where you sit amongst your siblings really affect your personality and behavior in adulthood?

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Bacteria in a petri dish

20 June 2017
Quiz: How good is your biomedical science general knowledge?

Do you think you know your trachea from your triceps? Take this biomedical science quiz to find out.

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Pink and blue booties

20 June 2017
Should parents choose the sex of their baby?

Debate over whether Australians should be able to choose the sex of their baby continues to rage. Which side are you on?

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Old empty bottles from alcohol

04 June 2017
Why you’re almost certainly wasting time rinsing your recycling

It pays to think a bit more deeply about what is going into each of our rubbish and recycling bins, writes Deakin’s Trevor Thornton.

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vegetables and spices on table

29 May 2017
The future of nutrition in sport

Deakin’s Dr Dominique Condo share insights into how athletes are using food to maximise performance and why individualised diets are the way of the future.

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Young guy

19 May 2017
How young is too young to be a criminal?

The way Australia handles young criminals is controversial – find out how our expert thinks the system could be improved.

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Chalk drawing on table top.

15 May 2017
An alternative school of thought

Alternative styles of school education are growing in popularity. But what does a non-mainstream education mean for life after school?

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20 April 2017
On this. day: The Deepwater Horizon oil spill

What impact did the Deepwater Horizon oil spill really have on the environment?

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19 April 2017
Should we introduce safe injecting rooms?

Do safe injecting room save lives? There are strong calls for the implementation of a safe injecting room trial in Melbourne.

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18 April 2017
Making America great? Who’s on team Trump?

Donald Trump is the least experienced president in American history. But wait until you meet his team …

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