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09 October 2017
Religion in Australian schools: an historical and contemporary debate

Australia maintains a high concentration of religious schools, despite claiming secularism. Dr Emma Rowe discusses this ongoing contentious issue.

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Street bin filled with rubbish

26 September 2017
In banning plastic bags we need to make sure we’re not creating new problems

In an effort to ban the use of plastic bags, it’s important to ensure we’re not simply exchanging one problem for another.

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protesters in a group

05 September 2017
How to provoke change on the issues that matter to you

Chances are there’s an issue you’re passionate about. But as a young person, what power do you have to really affect change?

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Young woman on laptop online shopping.

01 September 2017
Three ways business analytics is impacting our lives

Deakin’s Associate Professor Jacob Cybulski outlines three ways companies are using business analytics to add value for both themselves and their customers.

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23 August 2017
North Korea: is Australia at risk of nuclear war?

North Korea claims to have the weapons to launch a nuclear war. How would this impact Australia? Our expert dissects the issue.

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Interior of museum

17 August 2017
Quiz: How good is your history general knowledge?

Do you think you’ve got the facts and figures about our history down pat? Take this quiz to find out how your knowledge measures up.

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Catholic church

16 August 2017
Is this the end of Catholicism in Australia?

The number of Australian Catholics is declining. Does this signal the end of organised religion?

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Koala sleeping in a tree

10 August 2017
Shining a light on Australia’s biodiversity crisis

Over the past few hundred years, Australia has the worst record in the world for mammal extinctions. Can science communication reverse the trend?

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Handcuffs and fingerprints of a suspect.

26 July 2017
Should suspects in criminal cases be publicly named?

Dr Marilyn McMahon from Deakin University discusses the pros and cons of publicly naming suspects in criminal cases and why the issue is so hotly debated.

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woman with finger to lips

24 July 2017
Is freedom of speech under threat?

As claims of ‘political correctness gone mad’ dominate the media, freedom of speech is a central issue in our current cultural and political climate.

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