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London, Palace of Westminster and Big Ben

13 April 2017
When your brain takes a shortcut

A guide to rational decisions – Deakin’s happiness expert Melissa Weinberg explains why our brain takes a shortcut – it’s called availability bias.

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Man standing on the porch of a tiny house

06 April 2017
The big interest in tiny houses

The big interest in tiny houses and tiny living is taking the world by storm. There are many personal, economic, and environmental benefits to tiny living.

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Person checking their fitness watch

03 April 2017
Revolutionising the future of sport

Watch as ESPN takes a look at how Research Fellow at the Geelong Cats and Deakin University, Dr Jacqui Tran, uses sports science to push the AFL landscape.

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Sorrento, Victoria

03 April 2017
Why demand for beach houses is ruining coastal towns

As demand for beach houses rises so does development in coastal areas. Find out what can be done to preserve these areas.

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Open atlas on table.

31 March 2017
Quiz: How good is your geography general knowledge?

Do you think you know the countries, cities and landmarks of the world we live in? Take this quiz to find out.

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Australia's parliament house in Canberra

30 March 2017
On this. day: Australia’s first federal election

How much has changed across a century of Australian politics since the first federal election in 1901? Here are some of the key developments.

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A woman footballer in training.

27 March 2017
The impact of AFLW’s first season

The AFLW’s first season has had a wide-ranging impact, not only for players, but for women working in sport and the sports media.

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Blue house

09 March 2017
Can the government fix housing affordability?

The Victorian Government has launched new initiatives to manage housing affordability. Our experts explain how they will help and hinder first homebuyers.

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Little girl and boy

07 March 2017
What does it mean to be a feminist in 2017?

Feminists have done so much for women’s rights, but a lot still remains. Find out how feminism has changed and the key issues facing feminism in 2017.

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Surgeons performing surgery

23 February 2017
On this. day: Australia’s first successful heart transplant

On February 24 1984, at St Vincent’s hospital in Sydney, a 39-year-old received the first successful heart transplant in Australia by Dr Victor Chang,

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