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Car Wars office glow

12 December 2016
Car Wars: what you think about our self-driving car future

We asked readers to tell us how they feel about self-driving cars arriving on our roads. More than 7000 votes revealed surprising perspectives.

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two donughts

07 December 2016
What is the link between obesity and disadvantage?

How a Deakin professor’s research calls for new understand of health and poverty

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Woman on a laptop doing Christmas shopping online, sitting among wrapped presents.

06 December 2016
Can you resist the urge to over-consume at Christmas?

Hear from Deakin University’s Dr Paul Harrison on why it’s often easier to consume and buy than it is to resist.

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21 November 2016
Are you for or against medical marijuana?

Deakin University academics outline the competing agendas that make the decision to legalise medical marijuana incredibly complex.

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Bartender pouring several shots lined up on a bar.

14 November 2016
Addressing Australia’s problem with alcohol

Deakin University’s Dr Paul Harrison discusses what needs to be done to change attitudes towards alcohol.

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Myanmar children

11 November 2016
Changing the world one community at a time

Meet the man transforming communities with a fresh economic approach.

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US election flag

09 November 2016
You’ve been Trumped. Now what?

Donald Trump has won the US election. What happens now?

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train line with sun setting

27 October 2016
Is this the end of the line for Melbourne’s homeless?

One Deakin University lecturer believes this could help to solve Melbourne’s homelessness.

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Maddie Boyd

25 October 2016
Why have we waited so long for a women’s AFL league?

We ask players and experts why we have waited so long for a women’s AFL league

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Mosque in Turkey

20 October 2016
How can we combat Islamophobia?

How can we combat the rise of Islamophobia through leadership in Australia?

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