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25 January 2017
Why Melbourne is the world’s allergy capital

Thunderstorm asthma and epic hayfever seasons – find out why Melbourne is an allergy capital and what Deakin researchers are doing about it.

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12 January 2017
Quiz: can you spot the fake news headline?

With an increasingly bizarre news cycle it is getting difficult to spot the real news from the fake.

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12 January 2017
How to tell the difference between real and fake news

It’s getting harder to distinguish between real and fake news. Our expert explains what to do.

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19 December 2016
Car Wars – Audio Book

In this work of speculative fiction, author Cory Doctorow takes us into a near future where the roads are solely populated by self-driving cars.

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Close up of a luxury wrist watch

19 December 2016
How luxury items are consuming our identity

Dr Paul Harrison from Deakin University explains why wanting something that others in your group can’t have is part of being human.

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16 December 2016
What is the cost of a cashless society?

Will Australia eventually become cashless? It’s a complex issue. Learn more here.

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Man looking at beautiful mountain

15 December 2016
Man vs nature: who’s the predator and who’s the prey?

While stories of shark attacks usually make the headlines, such occurrences are rare, and calls to get rid of the creatures may be misguided.

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13 December 2016
Losing my religion: how a generation is redefining spirituality

The way we view spirituality is changing. Find out why.

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Car Wars office glow

12 December 2016
Car Wars: what you think about our self-driving car future

We asked readers to tell us how they feel about self-driving cars arriving on our roads. More than 7000 votes revealed surprising perspectives.

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07 December 2016
What is the link between obesity and disadvantage?

How a Deakin professor’s research calls for new understand of health and poverty

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