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Arm wrestle black and white

01 June 2016
Can a former Australian Idol host beat Tony Abbott in the election?

Does celebrity appeal help candidates win elections? Our expert shares his thoughts.

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Football and whistle

30 May 2016
Why our online gambling addiction is growing

How can we control Australia’s gambling problem? Deakin’s expert shares her thoughts.

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25 May 2016
The cost of racial discrimination

Find out how putting a price on racism helps to set an agenda to reduce it.

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Farm with vegetable crops growing

20 May 2016
What urban sprawl means for Melbourne’s food supply

Hear from Foodprint Melbourne Project Lead, Rachel Carey, about how population growth is threatening Melbourne’s local food and vegetable supply.

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television on beach

16 May 2016
Who will win the Game of Thrones piracy war?

Find out why Australians are illegally downloading Game of Thrones and what can be done about it.

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Padlock on a green door

29 April 2016
Why Australia’s asylum seeker policy needs to change

Deakin University’s Professor Damien Kingsbury explains why Australia’s asylum seeker policy must change

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Four beers

20 April 2016
How can we stop alcohol-fuelled violence?

Should we look to cities such as London and Amsterdam when addressing alcohol-fuelled violence?

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Freeways Los Angeles

15 April 2016
How our virtual and real worlds are merging

Cyber-physical systems are changing the way we live. Find out how.

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30 March 2016
Could kids sue their parents for pictures posted online?

Posting pictures of kids on social media might seem innocent, but there can be serious legal ramifications. Learn more here.

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Depressed young man sitting next to wall

18 March 2016
A novel way to prevent youth crime

Listen as Deakin University’s Dr Sophie Goldingay explores an alternative approach to helping youth at risk of offending

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