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30 March 2016
Could kids sue their parents for pictures posted online?

Posting pictures of kids on social media might seem innocent, but there can be serious legal ramifications. Learn more here.

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Depressed young man sitting next to wall

18 March 2016
A novel way to prevent youth crime

Listen as Deakin University’s Dr Sophie Goldingay explores an alternative approach to helping youth at risk of offending

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Coloured chalk on blackboard

24 February 2016
Why the Safe Schools program matters

A Deakin University expert explains why we need the Safe Schools program in Australian schools to support and understand diversity.

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Grey wolf peering through trees.

23 February 2016
How predators can help prevent extinction

Listen as Deakin University’s Dr Euan Ritchie explores the importance of biodiversity and why we need to work with natural predators, not against them.

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Bedsheets in the dark

23 February 2016
‘Swept under the carpet’: sex lives of Australians with a disability

Find out more about the rights and challenges of people with a disability seeking sexual intimacy in everyday life.

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22 February 2016
Metadata – what’s being recorded about you?

Do you know what information is recorded when you use your phone? Find out here.

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Modern house and blue sky

17 February 2016
Are negative gearing policy changes good for young buyers?

Will a change to negative gearing policy be good for you?

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Melbourne graffiti

04 February 2016
What do Melburnians love about Melbourne?

Listen as Dr Fiona Gray from Deakin’s School of Architecture & Built Environment explains what Melbournians love most about their city.

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Scientist inside a lab

27 January 2016
New research to help combat overeating

Does fat have a discernible taste? And how can this knowledge help combat the world’s growing obesity problem?

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22 January 2016
Feeling blue? Get ‘appy with this tool

Psychologists and mental health experts at Deakin University have developed BlueWatch, an app to help manage anxiety, depression or low moods.

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