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12 October 2018
Exam tips from high-achieving Year 12s

Exam time is when you finally put into practice all your hard work. These tips will help you do your best when crossing the final hurdle of Year 12.

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28 August 2018
How to find balance in your life during Year 12

Balancing study and life is an underestimated key to success in Year 12. Here, three high-achievers explain why you shouldn’t give up what you love.

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09 August 2018
What is the most valuable language to learn?

Being able to speak a foreign language can provide boundless rewards, for both your career and personal life. But which language should you choose?

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07 August 2018
How studying abroad can shape your future

Studying overseas is one of the best experiences you can have under your belt. Here we tell you why, and how to make that dream a reality.

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27 July 2018
Don’t give up! How to overcome challenges in Year 12

When challenges arise in Year 12, it can be easy to lose motivation to do well. Here, Beau Arnfield shares his experience and tips for overcoming hardships.

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29 June 2018
How to be a better writer

We’re all writers. Some by want. Some by necessity. In an era when the written word is king, how do we become better at this vital skill?

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24 June 2018
How to nail your personal statement when applying to university

To help you get cracking with your uni application, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to write a killer personal statement, with examples.

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24 May 2018
Is getting a university degree even worth it?

You’re ploughing through Year 12 or out in the workforce, unsure whether you should study a degree. So do you even need to go to university?

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03 May 2018
How to set successful goals in VCE

VCE is a stressful year and setting goals is key. We chat to one of Deakin’s course directors on how to successfully set and achieve your goals in Year 12.

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26 April 2018
How to rise to the challenge of university

Concern about the work involved in university study is normal but expert advice says that you can use your maturity to rise to the challenge of university.

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