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Tips on postgraduate study


04 December 2015
Four things to consider before postgraduate study

Four things prospective students should consider before postgraduate study.

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24 November 2015
How to find the perfect internship

A discussion on why students are completing internships, how to find one and some interview tips.

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22 October 2015
How to land your dream graduate job

The steps a current or recently graduated student can use to be more successful in their hunt for a graduate job.

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14 October 2015
Why VCE stress relief is essential

A discussion into why stress relief during VCE is essential to success.

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12 October 2015
What I wish I’d known about life after VCE

About to finish VCE? It’s an exciting time but can also be confusing. Here are a few things you may not have thought about before.

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21 July 2015
How to hack your exam study

Deakin presents the six study hacks you need in your life

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