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04 April 2018
How to find time for postgraduate study

Between work, family and having a social life, finding time for postgraduate study can feel difficult – but it’s not impossible. Find out how you can do it.

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21 March 2018
How to pass Year 12 Maths Methods

Year 12 Maths Methods teacher and Head of Mathematics at Knox School, Mr Brenden Morris, offers important study tips to help you pass Year 12 Maths Methods.

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09 March 2018
How to ace Year 12

Getting through Year 12 can feel a bit overwhelming. Here to offer advice on how to achieve your final year at school is high school teacher Phil Newnam.

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27 February 2018
Digital disruption: are universities keeping up?

Shifting higher education online means the removal of location as a barrier and greater competition internationally. So how are universities keeping up?

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26 February 2018
How to manage your return to university studies

Returning to university and getting back into study can feel daunting for anyone. Find out how to balance everything and keep on top of your studies.

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22 February 2018
Watch: What do you wish you knew before you started studying?

What do you wish you knew before you started studying? Find out what some of the Deakin graduates wish they knew before embarking on their studies.

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19 February 2018
Quiz: How good is your grammar?

Are you guilty of misspelling words and using incorrect punctuation? Learn about what grammar really is and take the quiz to test your knowledge.

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11 February 2018
Best jobs for full-time students

Whether you’re paying your way through your studies or just need some cash, a student job can bring more benefits than you might first imagine.

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06 February 2018
Quiz: How well do you know classic literature?

How well do you know classic literature? Take the quiz to find out and read about why Deakin’s Professor Lyn McCredden thinks classics last a lifetime.

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14 December 2017
How to make good decisions after the stress of getting your ATAR

Whether it’s higher or lower than expected, the stress of getting your ATAR can derail your decision-making ability. Here’s how to get back on track.

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