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Earth at night, taken from space.


27 April 2017
Four reasons why you should study geography

Geographers are integral to finding solutions to global issues like climate change, urban over-development and natural disasters. Learn more.

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Several open novels


30 March 2017
How to pass Year 12 English

From sharpening up your spelling to mastering metalanguage, read these five tips to help you make English one of your best subjects.

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08 March 2017
Top 10 free apps for uni students

We check out the 10 best, free apps to help a student get the most out of uni life.

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Student walking through university camus looking at phone.

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26 February 2017
Three tips to help take the stress out of starting uni

Remember these tips to help take the stress out of your first day of university.

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22 February 2017
Can you pass this literacy and numeracy test?

How good are your skills in literacy and numeracy? Take this test to find out.

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Close up of a student reading a red hard-covered book.

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20 February 2017
Three ways to prepare for university life

Follow these tips to give yourself the best chance to excel at university.

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Three students walking on a university campus.

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06 February 2017
The key to enriching your university experience

There’s more to uni life than attending lectures! Here’s what you should do to make the most of your time at uni.

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Three students chatting around a table on campus

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25 January 2017
Three things first year uni students need to know

Deakin graduate Jess Holsman shares her words of wisdom on making the most out of starting uni.

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Mic Williams


19 January 2017
Meet the engineering student reinventing the wheel

Find out how one student combined his passions for bikes and engineering to create a smoother ride

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Student sitting at a desk looking at the computer screen.


18 January 2017
Received a uni offer? Now what?

Read these handy tips to help you make some decisions and get started on the next stage of your education.

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