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31 August 2016
How to edit and proofread your essays like a pro

Follow these tips to put some polish on your essays and maximise your marks.

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30 August 2016
How one graduate is inspiring thousands of students worldwide

Jess Holsman decided to use her study of psychology a Deakin in a different way, setting up her wildly successful YouTube channel ‘Study with Jess’.

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04 August 2016
Tips for choosing your uni preferences

Read these tips for selecting your university course preference list and (fingers crossed!) you’ll be accepting an offer in no time.

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Deakin business students

01 August 2016
Four questions to ask yourself before returning to study

Are you ready to return to uni? Here are four things every student should ask themselves before getting started with a course.

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21 July 2016
How to best handle stress

Excessive stress can be debilitating to live with, so ensuring that you have the tools to manage your stress levels is vital.

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20 July 2016
Seven tips to get the most out of uni open days

If you’re considering applying to university, attending open days should be at the top of your to-do list. Follow these tips to make the most of your day.

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27 June 2016
How to manage anxiety at university

If you’re a university student and you’re experiencing anxiety, you’re not alone. Find out how to manage it here.

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Deakin Olympic walkers on track

24 June 2016
Meet two athletes walking the path to Rio

The journey each athlete takes to the Olympics is unique. Find out how walkers Rhydian Cowley and Chris Erickson have done it.

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Deakin Student Tom Sudholtz

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20 June 2016
What life was like after I finished Year 12

Having your whole life in front of you at the end of Year 12 may be exciting, but it’s also confusing. Meet three people who’ve found their way.

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16 June 2016
What’s it like to move to a new city to study?

Moving interstate may seem daunting, but with this savvy advice from people who’ve been there and done it, you can make it possible.

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