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Student in bed

25 May 2016
Can you answer these questions from past VCE exams?

Take the quiz and see if you can answer questions from previous VCE exams.

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pink desk with computer

12 May 2016
Five ways to get on top of your study workload

Struggling with an overwhelming workload? Try these tips to get back on track.

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Child blowing bubbles


12 May 2016
How to juggle work, family and further study

See life as an MBA student through the eyes of Deakin University graduate Sarah Sytema.

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Woman writing

04 May 2016
Students take note and ace your exams

A good set of notes to revise from assists with exam preparation. Read these tips to help you take good notes to make studying for exams easier.

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21 April 2016
What it’s like to lose an eye to melanoma

Meet the girl who lost an eye to melanoma

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06 April 2016
Four clever ways to make money while studying

What are the best ways to make money while studying? Try these entrepreneurial ways to cash in.

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Cluttered desk with notepad, sticky notes, glasses etc.

21 March 2016
Six tips for students to improve time management

Don’t let a busy study schedule overwhelm you. Master these tips to improve your time management skills and be more efficient with your study time.

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Mast of a tall ship


09 March 2016
What life at sea can teach you about leadership

Want to be an audacious leader? Board a ship and test your skills at sea.

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Deakin Burwood Campus O Week


26 February 2016
How to get the most out of your O’Week

Read four simple tips that will ensure you get the best out of your university’s O’Week activities at the start of the university year

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Harrison Tullberg Olympic aerial skiing training

22 February 2016
Studying at Olympic heights

Olympic hopeful, aerial skiier, Australian in America, and law student at Deakin University, Harrison Tullberg shares insights into his life.

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