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Quiz: what are your career values?

Ever wondered why people you work with might not seem happy, even though you love the job? Or perhaps you feel stressed and tired all the time while your colleagues look like they’re having the best time of their lives.

It’s probably because you have different career values to those around you. Your career values play an important part in how you fare in a job, and can affect your motivation and enjoyment. Professor Michael Leiter from Deakin’s School of Psychology explains different people have varying needs in the workplace. ‘Some people thrive on intensity; others want a more even pace of work.’

Understanding your career values can help you work out whether a job is right for you: the more it aligns with your career values, generally the more content you’ll be.

But if your values aren’t being met, you risk a lowered sense of job satisfaction and run the possibility of burning out.

‘It’s a crisis when work no longer feels fulfilling,’ Prof. Leiter says.

Fortunately working out your career values isn’t difficult – it simply requires some introspective reflection.

Take this interactive adventure story that explores career values in the workplace. You can draw on your past and current work experiences to figure out the values that are important to you…

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Professor Michael Leiter
Professor Michael Leiter

Professor, Industrial and Organisational Psychology, School of Psychology, Deakin University

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