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The future of footy: rehab and recovery

Injury. It hits our favourite players, it affects our favourite teams, and it derails momentum in sports like nothing else can.

Back in the dark ages of injury rehabilitation, or, a mere 10 years ago, we would let an injured player recover, train, and then go out and give it their all on their sporting field. However, the practice of rehabilitation, injury management and prevention has come a long way, and involves a lot of aspects that will surprise you.

Watch as ESPN talks to John Leyden, the Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Geelong Cats, as they discuss how rehabilitation is the most developed aspect of professional sports and fitness over the last ten years, and how the Cats are achieving great things with Deakin University research.

Interested in being at the forefront of rehabilitation and injury prevention? Check out Deakin’s Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

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