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What to ask at a University Open Day

If you’re attending a University Open Day, you might be a little bit unsure of what to expect. In this guide, we unpack what to ask at a university Open Day. These questions will ensure that you get the most out of your experience so that you can walk away feeling confident and informed.  

Questions to Ask at University Open Days 

Before you decide what and where to study, it’s important to collect information about all of the campuses and courses you’re considering.  

You’ll likely want to understand what each course entails, what campus life is like, how societies and clubs work and what fees you can expect.  

Open Day is the best opportunity to gain this information, as academics, expert staff and current students will be readily available to answer any questions you may have.   

What to Ask at a University Open Day: About the Course and How to Apply 

Some course-specific questions to ask at university Open Day may include: 

  • What pre-requisites are required for my course? 
  • What is the ATAR requirement for the course? 
  • How else can I get into the course if I don’t meet the ATAR requirement? 
  • How many hours per week will I be on-campus? 
  • What are my career options after I complete the course? 

You can also find out all you need to know about how to apply for a course on Deakin University’s ‘how to apply’ page.  

You can also access further information on Deakin University’s faculties and schools here. 

Best Questions to Ask at a University Open Day: About the Campus and Student Life 

University is more than just lectures and classes. It is important to ensure that you’re studying at a campus where you feel comfortable so you can thrive and achieve your absolute best. 

Deakin is home to an Elite Sports Precinct and a new $55 million-dollar engineering facility!  

Open Day is your chance to find out more about state-of-the-art facilities like this as well as what life is like on campus! Here are some ideas of what you may want to ask at your upcoming university Open Day: 

  • Where are the best places to study on campus? 
  • If I study a sport/exercise course, what facilities will I have access to? 
  • How similar is Deakin’s engineering facility to real-world engineering facilities? 
  • Whereabouts is Deakin Res? 
  • What are the perks to living at Deakin res? 

What Questions to Ask at a University Open Day: About Societies and Clubs 

Another exciting thing about university is the societies and clubs.  

They’re a great way to meet fellow students who share similar interests and passions. On Open Day, societies and clubs will be in attendance to display what they’re about and why you should get involved. 

 There is also a big emphasis on clubs and societies during orientation week, so don’t worry if you’ve still got some questions in the bank after Open Day. 

Here are some things worth asking: 

  • Is there a cost involved in the club? 
  • What events does the club/society run throughout the year? 
  • Is the club on social media? 
  • How do I get involved? 

What Questions to Ask at a University Open Day: About Your Career Prospects 

When picking a university, it is paramount to have a strong understanding of where your degree might take you.  At Deakin’s Open Day, you will have the chance to speak with academics and expert staff on what careers may be available after you finish your degree. 

You may consider asking the following questions: 

  • What is the employment rate for graduates of the course? 
  • Is it essential to complete further study? 
  • What are some examples of jobs available to graduates? 
  • What is the completion rate of the course? 

What Questions to Ask at a University Open Day: About Fees and Costs 

University fees and HECs debt can be confusing. It is important to be aware of what your fees will be before commencing your course. Open Day is an opportunity to find out what costs are involved with your course as well as the expected HECs amount. 

What Questions Should I Ask at a University Open Day If I’m An International Student?  

It’s important to gather insight into what services are available for international students so you know what to expect when you arrive. 

Here are some key questions to ask at university Open Day: 

  • What is life on Deakin Res like? 
  • Is there an international student society? 
  • What is around campus regarding activities, food, shopping, public transport, sporting clubs etc.? 
  • What costs are involved as an international student on top of standard course payment? 

Do Parents Go to University Open Days? Can They Ask Questions? 

Parents definitely go to University Open Days; it is important for parents to be with their teens to help them navigate the university selection process. It’s also important to have someone to draw upon for ideas and a second opinion. 

Visiting Us on Open Day? Ask Away!  

If you’re planning on attending one of Deakin’s four Open Days in 2024, feel free to ask as many questions as you want! That’s what Open Day is for, and this is your chance to gain insights from expert staff, academics and current students.  

Prior to attending, jot down a list titled, “what to ask at university Open Day” and bring it along with you to ensure you gather all the answers you’re after.  

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