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What type of friend are you? Find a career that suits

When you think about your friendship circle, you likely have a ‘role’ you’ve taken on in the group, whether intentionally or subconsciously. Your friends might look to you for guidance, or rely on you to organise activities.

And, if you enjoy the role you play in your friendship group, you might consider careers that require you to utilise those same skills or personality traits.

Nina Walsh, a career consultant in the Graduate Employment Division, says when considering a career path, self-reflection is a great way to discover what you might want to do. ‘What do you like learning about? What problem do you want to solve? What conversation topic never gets boring? Research how your interests could relate to potential careers,’ she explains.

If you’re reflecting on why you enjoy being a certain type of friend, and how you could transfer those joys into a career, the quiz at the bottom of this article could be perfect to discover some fields you might not have considered yet.

Walsh offers a reminder that when you take any kind of career quiz, the insights offered are rarely new or even unexpected. ‘They’re more likely to reaffirm and clarify what you already know about yourself,’ she explains.

But in saying that, you shouldn’t feel as though what you already know about yourself and your personality is the be-all and end-all of picking a career.

Gavin Walker, the Manager of the Graduate Employment Division at Deakin University says, ‘It’s a good idea to look beyond the surface of your knowledge’.

‘We are often guided by those around us; family, friends, teachers and our own life experiences, and this can limit the breadth and depth of your field of view.’

If you’re especially passionate about a certain career or industry, chase it. Even if you’re worried it won’t suit your personality, developing a skillset relevant to that field will help you find success. Also, the world of work is changing faster than ever, so you never know where you might end up. Walsh also says, ‘Career decision making is a process that is ongoing and evolves as your progress through your career.’

But, if you’re looking to discover some career paths you haven’t thought of yet, or simply looking for greater self-awareness, Walsh says, ‘The process of answering questions can be great to get you thinking, and a good place to start when it all feels overwhelming.’

Here at this. we have created a fun quiz on what careers might suit you based on the type of friend you are. Take it below…

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Nina Walsh
Nina Walsh

Career Consultant, Graduate Employment Division, Deakin University

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Gavin Walker

Manager, Graduate Recruitment, Graduate Employment Division, Deakin University

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