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What’s it really like to be an event manager?

Do you love bringing people together? Do you have a creative flair and a wicked attention to detail? If you find you are often the party planner among your group of friends, maybe a career in event management is on the horizon.

Event management is a growing field of work that combines a mix of creative, business and communication skills. It also crosses a diverse range of industries with event managers working in the business, government, education and not-for-profit sectors.

Loren Dela Cruz is an Alumni and Faculty Engagement Officer coordinating a range of events for Deakin’s Alumni and Donor Relations team. She has recently returned to Melbourne after completing a contract in California, USA, as a marketing and events manager for the University of California, Berkeley. Having executed hundreds of high-profile events for universities in Australia and USA, Loren sheds light on what her role as an event manager involves.

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What led you to becoming an event manager?

‘On paper, it all started with an internship placement with Deakin’s event management team where I was later offered an ongoing position.

‘Off paper, it started years earlier when I was in school and happily put my hand up to organise class fundraisers; in my part-time jobs, where I would voluntarily coordinate our staff functions; throughout university, when I would frequently assist at events. I did this out of sheer enjoyment. So, when the internship placement came up at Deakin, they selected me for the opportunity because they could see my enthusiasm.

‘Now, having recruited my own staff, interns, and volunteers, I know from experience that passion makes all the difference.

What does an average day look like for you?

‘My schedule is always changing depending on the projects I’m working on. One day could be filled with stakeholder meetings, the next day I might be conducting site inspections at venues, and the following day I could be creating project plans, calculating budgets, and writing reports.’

What do you love most about your job?

‘There is so much to love! I love taking a client’s idea and helping them build their vision. I love delighting people with memorable experiences. Most of all, I love connecting with so many different people and organisations throughout this city, the country, and the world.’


'I love taking a client’s idea and helping them build their vision. I love delighting people with memorable experiences.'

Loren Dela Cruz,
Deakin alumnus

What are some of the challenges of your job?

‘The biggest challenge to this role is managing unpredictable circumstances in high-pressure situations. You have to be prepared to find fast solutions to unforeseeable issues on the day of the event.’

What is the top skill required in your job?

‘A seamless event requires impeccable attention to detail. From ensuring all name tags are spelled correctly, to quadruple-checking your invitations, through to conducting thorough risk assessments, every single detail affects your guests’ experience.’

What school subjects and university qualifications fit this job?

‘I completed a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in marketing and management at Deakin University. I complimented my degree with practical experience through volunteering opportunities, internship placements and part-time work.’

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