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Quiz: How good is your soccer knowledge?

Football, soccer, association football, or the world game. No matter what you call it, the sport of kicking a round ball into a goal without using your hands has captivated billions, in fact, 3.5 billion by one estimation, of people all over the globe.

Whether it be domestic competitions such as the Australian A-league and the Japanese J1 League, or larger multinational competitions such as the UEFA Europa League or the World Cup, it is impossible to deny the global penetration and consistent popularity of the sport.

Deakin’s Dr Joshua McLeod, a lecturer in sport management, says that the popularity of soccer can most likely be attributed to the beauty of the game’s simplicity.

‘The simplicity of soccer is what makes it stand out from other ball sports,’ Dr McLeod says.

‘All you need is a ball and some sort of goalposts at either end, so it’s always been easy for people to pick up and play almost anywhere. There’s a beauty to soccer that you don’t get in many other sports and the fact that the games are low-scoring means that games can often be quite tight, which creates excitement and tension.’

If you are so in love with the sport that you desire to work in the industry, Dr McLeod suggests study and networking.

‘First and foremost, getting a degree in sport management or exercise science would be a good start,’ Dr McLeod says.

‘Beyond that, and arguably more important, actually going out and making connections with people and networking is vital to finding a job in the industry. There’s no shortcut, you have to be willing to do the hard work to give yourself the best chance.’

Consider yourself a soccer fan? Test out your knowledge in the quiz below.

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Dr Joshua McLeod
Dr Joshua McLeod

Lecturer in Sport Management, Deakin Business School, Deakin University

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