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How goal-setting can put you on the path to success

We know goal-setting is a great way to work towards achieving our dreams, but which goals are best, and why? Dr Melissa Weinberg shares her knowledge here.

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How to find balance in your life during Year 12

Balancing study and life is an underestimated key to success in Year 12. Here, three high-achievers explain why you shouldn’t give up what you love.

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Study tips from high-achieving Year 12s

The challenge of getting a high ATAR makes Year 12 a stressful year. Here, three high-achievers share with you their study tips for success.

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How to set successful goals in VCE

VCE is a stressful year and setting goals is key. We chat to one of Deakin’s course directors on how to successfully set and achieve your goals in Year 12.

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How to pass Year 12 English

From sharpening up your spelling to mastering metalanguage, read these five tips to help you make English one of your best subjects.

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