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ATAR release and exam tips for you


Grading students may be as easy as ABC, but evidence shows better ways to improve learning

Should we ditch the grades? Evidence shows there’s a better alternative to providing students with the traditoional A, B, C type result.

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Sad pug wrapped in a blanket


Don’t give up! How to overcome challenges in Year 12

When challenges arise in Year 12, it can be easy to lose motivation to do well. Here, Beau Arnfield shares his experience and tips for overcoming hardships.

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VCE student on ATAR calculator


What is an ATAR and how is the ATAR calculated using VCE scaling?

Get the lowdown on how your ATAR is calculated based on VCE scaled study scores and use our ATAR calculator to estimate your rank.

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ATAR of MCG big screen


Watch Year 12s receive ATARs at the MCG

Watch VCE students react to receiving their ATAR on a big screen at the MCG

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