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Quiz: how well do you know Australia’s native animals?

Australia is home to some of the world’s most unique species. From cute and cuddly koalas and enigmatic platypus, to some seriously scary venomous snakes, our wide brown land has it all.

Euan Ritchie, professor of wildlife, ecology and conservation at Deakin University, says Australia’s native species are ‘truly remarkable’, with a majority not found anywhere else in the world.

‘Platypus, thorny devils, koalas, lungfish, corroboree frogs, giant cuttlefish, emus and peacock spiders – Australia’s wildlife are iconic and truly remarkable,’ he says.

Since European colonisation, many species have become extinct, and significant resources are being channelled into protecting those that remain.

‘More than 100 species have been driven to extinction and currently more than 1,900 species are listed as at risk of suffering the same terrible fate,’ Prof Ritchie says. ‘It’s so important to preserve our unique fauna.’

Take our quiz to test your knowledge of Australia’s iconic wildlife.

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Euan Ritchie
Euan Ritchie


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