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Shopping bags

Get wise to subliminal marketing messages

Ever gone to the supermarket for milk and left with two bags of shopping? Despite our best intentions, sometimes we’re not in control of our behaviour when we shop. Listen as Deakin University marketing expert Dr Paul Harrison explains how lighting, music, colours, and even the width of a salesperson’s face, can get our wallets all fired up.

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'There are all kinds of hidden factors, well out of our conscious reach, influencing our shopping behaviour. Recognising that we all have vulnerabilities is a good first step to us being a little more in control.'

Dr Paul Harrison,
Unit Chair of Consumer Behaviour in the Department of Marketing, Deakin University

This podcast is part of the Tram Talks series, a range of mini lectures from Deakin’s greatest thinkers – they’re all bite-size and perfect for your daily commute.

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Dr Paul Harrison
Dr Paul Harrison

Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Deakin Business School, Deakin University
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