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Quiz: how good is your international knowledge?

How many countries have you visited? How many friends from other cultures do you have? How many languages can you say thank you and goodbye in?

If you answered ‘more than five’ to each of those questions, you’re doing pretty well!

No matter which industry you work in, or dream of working in, chances are you need global citizenship skills – from navigating multicultural office environments to working with international partners, or even living and working overseas.

Katherine Barrand, Lecturer in Experiential Learning (International Studies) at Deakin University, says these days, to thrive in our increasingly global community, it’s important for everyone to be skilled at cross-cultural communication.

‘Geographic employment boundaries have dissolved due to globalisation. Even working locally, you will still be required to have good knowledge of global affairs and intercultural communication.’

She advises: ‘Travel, learn a language, learn to reflect on experiences, and try to understand your position in the world by becoming informed about world events and by listening to the voices from diverse cultures.’

Ready to see how strong your international knowledge really is? Take our quiz below.

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