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Quiz: What do you know about the Melbourne property market?

There’s always something in the news about the real estate market in Melbourne. On a daily basis we’re inundated by it from all sides, but how much do you really know about our property market?

What’s a push to the bush? Is the market bubble poised to burst? There’s a Dallas in Melbourne? Which suburb has the highest sale price? What’s the ‘foreign invasion’, and why does that have an impact on the price of a house? What will ‘sink’ the market? There’s so much information, and it can be tricky to digest.

So, whether you’re a Baby Boomer with three investment properties, or a Millennial with a preference for smashed avo and five-dollar coffee, or maybe you’re just interested in the Melbourne property market, then test your knowledge. Maybe if you keep practising you’ll be able to answer the housing affordability question.


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