9 in 10 uni graduates are employed full time.1

Uni grads earn 15-20% more than those without a degree.2

Deakin postgraduates earn 36% more than undergraduates.3

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This is how to: take a better photo with your phone

Taking photographs is something no longer reserved for special occasions. With the rise of smartphones, selfie sticks and social media, for many people, taking happy snaps has become part of everyday life

In this video, lecturer in photography at Deakin University, Dr Anne Wilson, shares some basic tips and tricks on how you can make your photographs pop, from learning how to use light to your advantage to conveying certain moods with different angles.

Interested in turning your love for taking photos into a career? Find out more about Deakin University’s range of courses in photography.


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Dr Anne Wilson
Dr Anne Wilson

Lecturer in Photography, Deakin University
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