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Campus Convos: Athlete angst

Being a professional athlete in the modern age can certainly be a daunting experience. As their profiles have grown with the rise of social media, professional athletes are under increasing pressure and scrutiny from the media, their clubs or associations, the public, and even other athletes. It’s a never ending cycle that can take both a mental and physical toll on even the strongest of the strong.

Yes, of course it’s a privileged existence and can be a highly satisfying and fulfilling career, but we rarely hear about the mental wellbeing of our favourite athletes. In this video, Deakin University sports psychologist, Dr Fraser Carson, and ESPN’s Steph Brantz discuss the importance of mental health in sport, and how it affects individual performance, team morale, and even the physical repercussions associated with poor mental health.

This video is part of the Campus Convos series, a collaboration between Deakin University and ESPN. More episodes will be kicking goals soon.

Interested in a career in psychology and sport? Consider studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Deakin University.

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Dr Fraser Carson
Dr Fraser Carson

Lecturer in Coaching, Faculty of Health, Deakin University
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