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Campus Convos: what makes a Boomer boom and a Cat pounce?

Dr Dominique Condo and Kris Hinck are in a unique position to comment on the experiences and differences between professional AFL and basketball players when it comes to injuries, sleep, and nutrition. Dr Condo is a lecturer in sports nutrition at Deakin University, and is also the sports dietitian for the Geelong Cats Football Club and the WNBL’s Deakin Melbourne Boomers. Hinck is a lecturer in applied exercise and sports science at Deakin University and the performance specialist for the Australian men’s national basketball team, the Australian Boomers.

In this conversation they share their personal experiences of the inner workings of The Geelong Cats and the Boomers, while comparing the differences between the two sets of athletes, and the challenges that face them.

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Dr Dominique Condo
Dr Dominique Condo

Lecturer in Nutritional Health Sciences, Faculty of Health, School of Exercise and Nutrition Science, Deakin University
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Kris Hinck
Kris Hinck

Lecturer in Applied Exercise and Sport Science, Faculty of Health, Deakin University
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