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Bacteria in a petri dish

Quiz: How good is your biomedical science general knowledge?

When there’s a breakthrough in cancer research, a new drug created to treat Parkinson’s, or a cure found for a serious communicable disease like polio, it’s biomedical scientists who we have to thank.

With a focus on research, testing and analysis in the field of medical science, biomedical science involves study of the human body, its structure and function, in health and disease.

‘Biomedical science covers the science underpinning medical applications, from basic biology to specific disease processes, with an emphasis on causes, diagnosis and treatment of disease,’ says Dr Lambert Brau, Associate Head of School (Development and International) in Deakin University’s School of Life and Environmental Sciences.

With the emergence of new technologies and an increasing understanding of the human body’s responses to disease, significant inroads are being made to ensure a healthier population and improved quality of life.

‘Research in the biomedical sciences has generated a wealth of new discoveries that are improving our health, extending our lives and raising our standard of living,’ says Dr Brau. ‘Some of the most profound advances, for example, the isolation of human stem cells and the mapping of the human genome, have just begun to demonstrate their vast therapeutic potential.’

As the number of Australians living with chronic disease continues to rise dramatically, biomedical science and related fields are experiencing rapid growth, with a multitude of employment opportunities for skilled professionals.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the next biomedical science breakthrough? Take this quiz to see how your biomedical science general knowledge measures up.


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