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Quiz: how well do you know The Ashes?

The 73rd edition of The Ashes is almost upon us. Australia won the most recent series convincingly, so will the Aussies back it up or will England claim their first Ashes win since 2015?

When it comes to cricket, the Australia vs. England match-up is one of sport’s great rivalries. It even helped forge Australia’s national identity, believes Channel Seven’s Jason Bennett, a Deakin industry partner.

‘From an Australian perspective, The Ashes are the ultimate rivalry. For generations, defeating the mother country at something they held so dear meant so much to this little colony on the other side of the world. That sense of the upstart Aussies sticking it to the upper-class English establishment endures to this day,’ says Bennett.

Bennett says of all cricket matches, The Ashes is the one that matters most.

‘Ask the average cricket fan for general series results over the years and most just melt into the next. But not The Ashes. Decades later, we can still remember who won and who starred. In a sport that has exploded from primarily summer to now being year-round, The Ashes stand alone as the series that really matters,’ Bennett says.

With the upcoming Ashes just around the corner, how well do you really know the historic match-up between Australia and England?

Take our quiz now and put your knowledge to the test.

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