9 in 10 uni graduates are employed full time.1

Uni grads earn 15-20% more than those without a degree.2

Deakin postgraduates earn 36% more than undergraduates.3

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Preparing for exams? How to stay on top of stress and anxiety

In order to release all that stress and anxiety about your impending exams, Dr Natalie Hendry says turning to social media for a distraction might be good.

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Woman holding a textbook on her face


Will returning to study set you back?

We often think returning to study will set us back. But will it really? Three Deakin students share how going back to uni has altered their lives.

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Calculator on a maths textbook


Should you drop VCE maths? This is what you need to know

If you’re tempted to ditch maths in VCE, you might want to think twice. Having a solid foundation in maths can help you beyond high school. Here’s how.

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Thinking of further study? How to ask your employer to fund it

If you’re planning on enhancing your skills, don’t discount the fact your employer might help you pay for it. Here’s how to ask, and what to expect.

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Avoiding the trap of perfectionism when studying

When it comes to studying, it’s possible that perfectionism is actually hindering your chance of success. Use these tips to help you achieve your best.

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Feeling homesick? Be careful how you use technology

The ubiquity of smart technology means we can talk to friends and family no matter where in the world we are. But can that be doing more damage than good?

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How coding skills will enrich your career

People from all different industries are discovering the importance of coding, and you should too. Think enhanced problem solving and creativity skills.

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Going back to uni? How to boost your study motivation

Staying motivated while you’re juggling work and a family can be difficult. But according to science there are ways to keep on top of your work. Here’s how.

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Think you’re too busy to study? Advice from a single parent of five

Even as a busy parent, you don’t need to put off studying. This Deakin Law graduate and mum of five offers her advice on how you can juggle everything.

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How understanding privilege can create a more level playing field

Privilege can be hard to see, but it often means that doors are open to some while being closed to others. Leveling the playing field starts with awareness.

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