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Do learning styles really exist?

We are often told to identify a learning style that suits us best. However, do they even exist? Deakin’s Dr Loch Forsyth provides further insight.

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Self-improvement, Study

How to combat your scatterbrain to focus on study

With the long list of tasks to do each day as well as working with competing deadlines, it’s easy to feel scatterbrained. Here are some tips to help you.

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What do engineers do? Explore the different types of jobs

Engineers are responsible for designing and producing objects and systems. But, what exactly does each type of engineer do and how can you become one?

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Quiz: How good is your soccer knowledge?

Fancy yourself as a soccer expert and ultimate fan? Put your knowledge to the test by taking this quiz to find out if you are the champion of soccer trivia.

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Career, Study

Why study law? How a law degree gives you options

You don’t have to want to practice law to do a law degree. Developing good reasoning and learning to think outside the box can set you up for any career.

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Marketing roles: how your degree prepares you for a diverse career

Looking to gain a qualification that won’t tie you down to one specific job or career? Marketing could be the perfect option for you.

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‘Solving the problems of the health industry’: what health tech has done for the coronavirus

As the world searches for solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, could the health tech industry provide the breakthrough innovations we need?

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Why a Juris Doctor could help make you management material

When it comes to your career, staying ahead of the pack can be challenging. A Juris Doctor could be the game changer you need to excel in any industry.

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Will the class of 2020 be better prepared for uni?

Year 12 students are better placed to tackle the challenges of university because of the disruptions they’ve overcome this year. Here’s why.

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Why 2020 will go down in history

In 2020 we have seen bushfires, a deadly pandemic, protests, and mass lockdowns. But when the dust settles and the books are written, who has the final say?

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