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Project 12: Meet six Year 12s preparing for final exams

Every year thousands of students complete VCE in Victoria. The end of Year 12 is often depicted by nervous students awaiting their final results. But that’s just one moment in a myriad of experiences. What goes on in the lead up to final results? What’s the experience of exams and anticipation of getting your ATAR really like?

To find out, we will follow six Year 12s at the end of high school, to see what it’s like before exams, after exams, and finally when they receive their results.

Come behind the scenes and see what goes through the mind of a Year 12. In the first instalment of this three-part video series, we meet the six students as they get ready for final exams.


Project 12 extras

Keen to know more about the students interviewed in Project 12? Here are their responses to a few extra questions we asked them before exams:


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