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Quiz: what type of online student will you be?

Are you considering studying online? Whether you’re wanting to begin or advance a career in your chosen field, or switch direction entirely, online study can be a convenient and flexible way to expand your knowledge and skills.

But if you’re like many prospective online students, your experience with education has so far been traditional, in-person learning. Until you get started studying online, it can be hard to know what to expect.

You might be worried you’ll face issues with time management, isolation or finding support. The good news is, there are ways to both avoid – and tackle – these potential struggles.

When you study online, you might be surprised by the supportive community you’ll be entering into. Associate Professor Jaclyn Broadbent, Senior Lecturer and Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning) in Deakin’s School of Psychology, explains her approach to teaching online students: ‘I wanted students to feel like they belonged to something, a little community or family that were all here to help them. A lot of what I do is trying to break down preconceptions that students have about who lecturers and academic staff are.’

Online study can allow you to transcend the barriers of time and place to study where and when you want. Good quality technology connects you with your tutors and peers, organises your work and helps you fit study alongside your other priorities in life.

So how will you make the most of your online study experience? What kind of online student will you be?

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Associate Professor Jaclyn Broadbent
Associate Professor Jaclyn Broadbent

Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning), School of Psychology, Deakin University

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