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Quiz: what’s your study personality?

Ever studied with friends but left thinking you would have gotten more done alone? Or tried to follow a friend’s study plan, but ended up getting frustrated and doing it your own way?

We all have different styles of studying, and understanding what style suits you will help set you up for success. Whether it’s preparing for exams, or getting assignments done on time, the way that works best for you is the way you should study.

Zoe Tilley, a Bachelor of Arts graduate from Deakin University, says when it comes to studying try to avoid comparing yourself to others. ‘It’s easy to get caught up wondering if you’re studying for as many hours as your friends, or comparing how many practice tests you completed.’

But she emphasises we’re all different, and should each play to our study strengths. ‘Someone who studied for six hours straight may have absorbed the same amount of information as someone else who studied the content in two hours.

‘You will be successful in your exams if you study as effectively as you can.’

Year 12 is full of its own stressors, and no matter what your study personality is, you need to prioritise you health and wellbeing. ‘Listen to your body; when you need a rest, take a break,’ Zoe says.

So, what’s your study personality? Take our quiz below and find out…

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